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Whisky Galore (uisge gu leoir) is the Gaelic for plenty Whisky. It was on the 5th of Feb 1941 that the SS Politician ran aground off the coast of Eriskay in the Outer Hebrides. That event sparked of the imagination of Sir Compton Mackenzie who put pen to paper during the summer of 1946 with a story about the sinking of the SS Cabinet Minister, a ship laden with 50,000 cases of Scotch whisky. By 1952 the book Whisky Galore had become one of the post war best sellers. The success of the book sparked of the filming of the Original Movie “Whisky Galore” which was filmed in Barra during a wet summer in 1948 and released in June the 16th 1949. 

Sixty five years later we have decided to re float an adaptation of the story of Whisky Galore and the SS Cabinet Minister and introduce a new and existing audience to the wonderful dry humour and characters that were portrayed so well by Sir Compton Mackenzie and Angus Macphail in the Original 1949 production. The new production unlike the original with be filmed in colour and we hope that this combined with an internationally known cast, will make a film that will be every bit as enjoyable as the original in portraying the dry Scottish humour that was so pertinent in the original film.
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